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This month Cagdas Topcu, PhD student in our BME lab, presented his first results on the ‚Mayo Clinic Annual Research Day’ symposium in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. His poster entitled: ‚Data-driven selection of active iEEG channels during verbal memory task performance’ showed a fully automatic and individualized methodological approach to selecting ‚active’ electrodes, which record brain wave activity from regions engaged during memory tasks. Finding a robust electrode selection method is critical for efficient and reproducible studies of memory functions in the human brain. Most other methods rely on expert visual review of brain wave activity and are thus time-consuming and subjective. Cagdas is now working on comparing his results and validating the method with other approaches. This and other approaches to objectively identify active electrodes using data-driven and machine-learning tools will accelerate development of new technologies and therapies for treating brain disorders affecting memory and cognition.

Cagdas will be giving a talk about his findings using this method on the upcoming 17th European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology in Warsaw on 5-8th of June 2019. These results will also provide the first contribution to Cagdas’ doctorate in Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering at the Gdansk University of Technology. We are looking forward to reporting on his upcoming discoveries!’