Which hemisphere dominates your world? 19 maja 2020 – Posted in: News – Tags: , , , , , , ,

We have not given up on our mission to promote and popularize neuroscience during the pandemic. On the contrary, virtual reality of teleconference meetings, online teaching and sharing videos opened an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Our lab was invited by the Experyment science center in Gdynia to create an educational video about a topic related to our research. The video we created explores the differences between the left and the right hemisphere of our brain…
In the video, Dr. Kucewicz is guiding you through three easy tests to provide a hands-on (or ‚brains-on’) experience of how the world you see is dominated by either your left or your right hemisphere. The goal is to learn not only about the brain in general and also about your brain specifically. You will discover how your own mind is aware or ignorant of certain types of information because of the way that the brain works and deals with language and other types of visual information.
This topic is at the heart of our research, which uses visual stimuli that are encoded and recalled in specific brain regions. Given that language information (common nouns) are used as the stimuli, we identify hotspots of memory processing in this task usually in the left hemispheres, close to the cortical areas responsible for your ability to understand and generate speech – in other words to talk. Regions that needed to remember words may not be too far off from these speech areas. Hence, doing the tests in the video is a first step to find out where your language and memory centers are in your brain!
Enjoy the video experiment and help us spread it on social media. It’s the easiest way to study your brain with your mind 🙂