BME lab highlighted in the radio series about Gdansk University of Technology 30 June 2020 – Posted in: news – Tags: , , , ,

Dr. Kucewicz was selected for one of the five interviews in a weekly series about the Gdansk University of Technology presented by Radio Gdansk. The series is dedicated to highlight some interesting research projects conducted at the university, which has recently received a national ministerial award for the best technical research university and the second best overall in the country. This was the third presentation that followed an interview with the chancellor, Prof. Wilde, and with a young scientist involved in a space project. Dr. Kucewicz gave the only interview in the field of biomedical engineering, which actually spanned the fields of computers sciences, neurobiology, medicine… and even alluded to more humanistic aspects of the research performed in our Brain and Mind Electrophysiology lab.

The interview is in Polish and can be replayed from the link below. We already started receiving other questions about our projects via e-mail and in person. Dr. Kucewicz and the members of our lab are more than happy to reach out to you with answers to any questions and share our inspiration with the human mind, its computations, and the electrophysiological mechanisms. Visit our website to learn more and contact us with any questions:
Use the link to play the radio interview: