R&D Impact award for our research 31 May 2022 – Posted in: news – Tags: , , , ,

This month we are celebrating an interesting recognition of the last four years of our work at the BME lab. Dr. Michal Kucewicz, the founder of the lab, received an R&D impact award as one of the 34 laureates in Poland, who have the greatest impact on the economics and the society through their research and development. The award brilliantly summarizes the relatively short but fruitful history of the lab since its foundation in Poland. We have been especially active with promoting our research in the mainstream media of radio and television, in addition to the websites, social media pages, and various popular-science events held in science parks and local schools. Footage from the gala in available online:
In the modern era of virtual reality and social media, it is increasingly important to communicate and popularize science in society. R&D promotion company, the award organizer, is one of the first to facilitate this important process in Poland. We are partnering with them to develop our research outreach and promotion efforts, especially but not exclusively on the internet. You will be hearing more from new sources about us soon. Stay tuned…