How is memory organized in the brain? New research article from our BME lab 15 February 2019 – Posted in: news – Tags: , , , , ,

Where is memory encoded in the brain? Is there one or multiple brain regions involved? How is it organized in anatomical space and time of memory encoding? In our latest article published this month in the open-access journal eNeuro of the Society for Neuroscience we addressed these questions using brain recordings from epilepsy patients performing a simple task to remember lists of words. We found an organized network of multiple brain regions showing differences in fast brain wave activity when words ended up being remembered compared to those that were forgotten. This memory effect turned out to be the greatest in the parts of the brain responsible for understanding and speaking words. We concluded that the brain uses the same regions to perceive, represent and memorize stimuli, which present very promising targets for therapeutic stimulation.
Our next step will be to explore these target regions for memory enhancement in our pending stimulation experiments with patients at Mayo Clinic and in Poland.
You can access the article and read more about this study on the journal website: