European projects

PERFORM - an integrated high-budgeted European project from the domain of telemedicine, coordinated by Siemens. The Multimedia Systems Department is responsible for developing teleinformatic equipment designed for the remote monitoring of the patients that suffer from neurodegenerative diseases (mainly Parkinson).

INDECT - continuation and extension of the SECURITY project. The project is a Europe-wide venture, which will be realized in cooperation of Polish, German and European Police, and many prominent Polish and European technical universities. The Gdansk University of Technology is the initiator and main contributor to the project. The project was approved by the European Commission, who is its founder, in September 2007, and has the budget of several million Euro. SECURITY is the first integrated European project from the domain of security technologies, prepared an coordinated in Poland.

Projects founded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Education

MULTIMODAL - A new range of computer multimodal interfaces and their implementation in education and medicine (6 ZR9 2007 C/06828).
The aim of the project is to elaborate and implement novel methods of man-computer communication, interacting with a user through other means than a traditional mouse and keyboard. The computer will be able to contact with the user in several ways - through tracking eye movement and visual attention, through an "intelligent ball pen" in the cases were dyslexia therapy is necessary, or through tracking lips movement as a help for people with paralyzed hands.

SECURITY - Multimedia system assisting in identification and prevention of delinquency, including violence in schools) and terrorism (R00-O0005/3).
The project is supported by the Polish Internal Security Platform. Its results will allow to monitor the degree of security in stadiums, schools and other places threatened with acts of terror. The idea of the project is to design and develop teleinformatic tools that would supplement the functions of already existing audio and video monitoring systems. The extension will be a function of automatic image and sound interpretation, which will let computer systems automatically discover potential threats and generate alerts to appropriate services responsible for public order and security.

NOISE - Methods for monitoring of urban aglomerations using modern information technology solutions and geoinformation technologies (R02 010 01)
The project's aim is to elaborate teleinformatic tools capable of monitoring noise and road traffic in agglomerations. The concept of this project was used by the City Council of Gdansk. Independently, the Gdansk University of Technology signed a license agreement with DGT company concerning the implementation of intelligent wireless monitoring stations in other cities.

APARATY_SŁUCHOWE (HEARING_AIDS) - New Methods of Signal Processing for Hearing Aids Applications (3 T11E02829)
A project dedicated to special non-invasive hearing aids, especially for newborn babies.

LARYNX - New Electronic Device for Patients after Laryngectomy.
An original concept of the artificial larynx for persons after laryngectomy, i.e. after the larynx amputation. A digital larynx and a miniaturized synthesizer was designed and produced in cooperation with "Intech", a company from Gdansk. The project was subsidized by a dedicated grant from the Chief Technical Organization Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations. Now, "Intech" starts serial production of the larynx prosthesis licensed by the Gdansk University of Technology.

CEMET - Centre of Medical Technologies (FP5 Excellence Center)

International Center of Hearing and Speech, PROKSIM, Warsaw-Gdańsk (Excellence Center)

Dithering Strategy Applied to Tinnitus Masking (project co-founded by the Institute of Physiology of Hearing)


European projects

PRESTOSPACE - Preservation towards storage and access, Standardised Practices for Audiovisual Contents in Europe (FP6-IST-707336)
An integrated project of the 6. Framework Program realized in cooperation with such corporations as BBC or RAI. The Gdansk University of Technology was responsible for developing tools for the reconstruction of archive materials (old recordings and films). European archives repositories store nearly 200 millions of audio-visual material, part of which could be prevented from further depreciation through the use of these tools.

DESYME - Development System for Mobile Services, European CELTIC project.
An international project completed in 2007, that enables a self-reliant design and programming of various cellular phone services (formerly exclusively reserved for cellular-phone network operators).

Projects founded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Education

VoIP - Hybrid Speech Codec for VoIP Telephony Employing Combined Source and Perceptual Coding (No. 3 T11D 004 28).
A project dedicated to the invention and development of more effective speech coders intended for the Internet telephony.

SDSA - Engineering and introduction to clinical tests prototype series of digital speech prosthesis basing on spectral modification of signals in the auditory feedback loop - a project, whose aim was to miniaturize the speech prosthesis (once invented and developed in the Gdansk University of Technology) dedicated for stuttering persons.

INFOPILOT - Air force digital system for the recording and the restoration of speech (148346/C-T00/2002).
A system that records speech, improves its quality and realizes transmission between ground stations and military aircraft pilots. Implemented in 2005 in a Polish military pilots training school of Deblin.

Expert System for Automatic Classification of Singing Voices (3 T11F 023 30)

New Methods for Forming and Ranking Musical Rhythm Hypotheses in Musical Excerpts (3 T11F02729)

Development and Implementation of the Universal System for the Diagnosis of Environmental Noise (internal University grant)

Rozwój koncepcji i zastosowań inteligentnych technik multimedialnych - w ramach Subsydium dla Uczonych Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej

Development and implementation of the Universal System for the Diagnosis of Environmental Noise (internal University grant)

4T11D01422 - New methods for searching and discovering multimedia content in telecommunication networks

7T11E05220 - Method for the assessment of cochlear implants efficiency

8T11D00218 - Methods of sound processing for the purpose of multichannel multimedia transmission

8T11D02819 - Perceptual coding of audio employing intelligent decision algorithms

8T11E03415 - New algorithms of digital hearing aids and methods for hearing aid fitting

8T11D02112 - New methods of intelligent filtration and coding of audio

8T11E03310 - New methods for the diagnosis and therapy of hearing impairments employing digital signal processing technology

4PO5D01609 - Correcting of speech impairments basing on signal modification in the auditory feedback loop

8T11C02808 - Applications of artificial intelligence methods to data analysis and processing in acoustics

7TO7B02009 - New methods of digital sound synthesis

8S50302106 - Rough sets applications

8T11D00208 - Development of methods for digital restoration and processing of audio signals

8S50401005 - Digital restoration and processing of audio signals

883169203 - Computer speech recognition system